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FU Mock Draft Spec-tac-ular (Lotto Edition)

I know you're looking at the name of the post and you're quite confused so allow me to explain some things. This post belongs to Jonathan Tillman (@thetillshow), one of the many great people that I have met through twitter. If you're not following him, slap yourself then hit that follow button! Anyways, Till has his own blog, Fundamentally UnSound, one of the great basketball blogs out there, hence the name, the FU Mock Draft Spec-tac-u-lar. He gathered six of his twitter companions to participate and I am honored to be one of the participants because these guys really know their stuff. So I will introduce the other participants and get down to the draft, which is in a few hours.

Kenny Masenda (@soulonice6) - Creator of, contributing writer for, and Co-host of Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Blog Talk Radio

Eddie Maisonet (@edthesportsfan) - Creator of and host of Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Blog Talk Radio.

Kyle Hoffman (@khoffman3113) - Die-hard Kings fan.

And yours truly, Terrell McCoy, Jr. (@PrideOfLR) - Die-hard Rockets fan, aspiring journalist.

The picks are in this order

1) Kenny M.
2) Mike B.
3) Eddie M.
4) DeShay T.
5) Kyle H.
6) Johnathan T.
7) Terrell M.
8) Kenny M.
9) Mike B.
10) Eddie M.
11) DeShay T.
12) Kyle H.
13) Johnathan T.
14) Terrell M.

1. Washington Wizards - John Wall.

John Wall is the consensus number one pick in this draft. For a draft that I think will end up being remembered more for cats who will be drafted later, Wall will get the chance to be a star right away in Chocolate City. We saw what Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans have accomplished in their early careers, and Wall is the next Memphis guard who will come and make a similar impact.

2. Philadelphia 76ers - Evan Turner

Man, this draft bites.

I really tried to be hip and trendy. I really wanted to select a dude with tremendous upside potential and see if Dougie Collins could form a perennial All-Star from the rich composite. Oh yeah, we already saw him try that with Kwame. Ouch.

Let’s get REAL. The Sixers can either eschew offense and become the East Coast version of the ’07 Warriors, or play stagnant half-court game all the way to next year’s lottery.

I’d heavily bet the latter.

So, with the second pick in the fantabolous FU Mock Draft, I snagged Evan Turner. He’s traditional, he’s standard, he’s…exactly what you expect your #2 pick in the draft to be.

Plus, he comes with Club Trillion as an added bonus.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Who’s got next? No, no…anything but YOU, WNBA.

3. New Jersey Nets - Demarcus Cousins

With the 3rd pick Russian Cuban, Jay-Z and the Nets select DeMarcus Cousins from Kentucky. Because both Favors and Cousins are already good, Cousins does have better size and I think more upside. Plus, if they get Boozer/Amare then do they need another 6'9" forward? Cousins plays both positions.

Let the crucifixion begin.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves - Wesley Johnson

With the 4th pick, I'm taking Wesley Johnson of Syracuse. He's long, athletic, and can do a little bit of everything on the court. I wrestled between taking either Johnson and Greg Monroe, but Johnson seems to be the most likely sure bet.

5. Sacramento Kings - Derrick Favors

*walks to podium with that Vince McMahon swag walk*

With the 5th pick in the 2010 FU Draft, the Sacramento Kings select, Derrick Favors from Georgia Tech. Favors solves the Kings biggest weaknesses. He'll boost the defensive rebounding, shot blocking, and post defense.

6. Golden State Warriors - Greg Monroe

*walks up to podium in "We Believe" tee*

With the 6th pick in the FU mock draft spec-tac-u-lar, the Golden State Warriors select Greg Monroe. Forward, Georgetown University *drops mic*

Monroe will be the third left-handed power forward Golden State has acquired in recent years. He's definitely the most skilled of the three. He'll provide points in the paint, as well as space for Curry, Morrow, and Ellis to operate. Hopefully Don Nelson's weirded out version of Basketball offense showcases his strengths instead of making him an unknown (see: Randolph, Anthony).

7. Detroit Pistons - Cole Aldrich

*Thoughts on the way to the podium* ("Sigh......I really want to trade this pick")

With the 7th pick in the FU Mock Draft Spectacular, We, The Detroit Pistons, select Cole "Cole Play" Aldrich, 6'10 Forward/Center out of Kansas University.

Around the time that I chose Cole “Cole Play” Aldrich as the 7th pick to the Pistons, I believed that they would draft him, but now, I highly doubt the Pistons will take him. Despite my “failure” as the Pistons GM, I will stand by my pick and we will see what happens tomorrow night (tonight) and in the future.

After an embarrassing 26-55 season, the Pistons find themselves in the draft lottery, unfamiliar territory for a team that hadn’t missed the playoffs since the 2000-2001 season. With Ben Wallace, Jason Maxiell, and Kwame Brown in the frontcourt, it is a no-brainer that the Pistons should draft a Center. I’m almost 100% positive that DeMarcus Cousins will not be available by the time that the Pistons are on the clock, leaving the board wide open for the Pistons to draft Ekpe Udoh, Ed Davis or Aldrich.

I chose Aldrich because he is the “safe pick” and he just seems like a Joe Dumars kind of guy. He plays extremely hard on both ends and has a high basketball IQ. He reminds me of a more athletic Joel Pryzbilla. Now, I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but hey, let’s just view it as good for now. Either way it goes, this pick (or any other pick for the remainder of the Dumars Era), will never erase the calamity of the 2003 draft pick. Sorry.

8. L.A. Clippers - Xavier Henry

*sees Terrell's pick, and now has even more reason to believe this draft class is diluted, and just not that good*

With the eighth pick, the Los Angeles Clippers select Xavier Henry, from the University of Kansas.

You can make the case that Xavier Henry is the most well-rounded Jawhawk on last year's team. He's got the tools to be a contributor right away, and if he ends up in the right situation, he'll end up earning a legit spot in a team's rotation.

9. Utah Jazz - Ekpe Udoh

*David Stern walks to podium, looks at Till Show, then sheepishly backs away...*

With the "woulda been yours Donnie if Isiah didn't trade it for Eddy Curry" New York Knicks/Utah Jazz #9 pick, Benji Clan selects Ekpe Udoh.

Yup, a project big man. Perfect.

Utah has always been hella conventional. They need an athletic big who will protect the paint and grab boards. They need someone who can push Bynum/Gasol around and catch 'oops from The Best PG in the Game Right Now (D-Will).

Ekpe Udoh'll give you that. He’s a hard-hat guy, if any of those even exist anymore.

Plus, he'll give them one helluva excuse not to re-up with Boozer.

Udoh'll definitely have to show his white side (his Hassan Whiteside?) if he wants to get love from the heaps of snow and Mormons in Utah. Which, since he's from Baylor...he definitely has. Or better yet, let's just see how Jazz fans react to having guys named Ekpe and Sundiata on their team. If Mutumbo decides to play another season at 52, maybe my dream of a West African starting five can happen. Maybe.

Next on the clock...

10. Indiana Pacers - Avery Bradley

With the 10th pick of the draft, the Indiana Pacers officially make the biggest reach in the draft...

The Indiana Pacers select....Avery Bradley from the University of Texas.

Why? Because at #10 they're either going to have to take a project big man or draft another swingman (they already have Danny Granger and Brandon Rush) plus the more and more I watched Ed Davis I became less and less impressed.

Give me Avery Bradley, I'll take his uber-athleticism and defense and hope his offensive game blossoms into anything that resembles Russell Westbrook or Rajon Rondo.

11. New Orleans Hornets - Gordon Haywood

*David Stern walks to the podium*

"With the 11th pick in the NBA Draft, the New Orleans Hornets have selected....GORdon (caps for effect) Hayward of Butler University."

The crowd instantly remembers Butler's incredible Cinderella dance this past year that ended with a nail biting loss to Duke in the National Championship. They cheer him on. New Orleans fans are excited, Chris Paul is optimistic, and Gordon is absolutely fearful of the idea of leaving Indiana for the N-O.

Lil Wayne, unfortunately, is unavailable for comment...

12. Memphis Grizzlies - Al-Farouq Aminu

*Walks to the podium with some Elvis swag*

With the 12th pick in the FU Mock Draft, the Memphis Grizzlies select Al-Farouq Aminu out of Wake Forest.

Aminu gives Memphis some insurance in case Rudy Gay leaves. Aminu could be a Josh Smith clone. He's a freak of an athlete who can run and jump out of the gym.

13. Toronto Raptors - Solomon Alabi

*walks to podium with Kardinal Offishall playing in the background*

With the 13th pick, the Toronto Raptors select: Solomon Alabi. Center, Florida State

He's big and athletic. Toronto's likely to lose Bosh to free agency (read: wherever Lebron goes), so they're gonna need a frontline player. Alabi will impact on the defensive end and allow Andrea Bargnani to focus more on scoring. Think of what Serge Ibaka is to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

14. Houston Rockets - Ed Davis

*Breaking News* The Houston Rockets have traded this pick along with Luis Scola, Shane Battier and Jermaine Taylor in a sign-and-trade to the Toronto Raptors for Chris Bosh and.....*SNAPS OUT OF MY DREAM AND SOUTHSIDES TO THE PODIUM*

With the 14th pick in the FU NBA Draft Spectacular, The Houston Rockets select, Ed Davis out of the University of North Carolina.

Daryl Morey instantly gets on the phone and starts looking for teams interested in a trade.

This pick is near and dear to me, as I am drafting for the team that I have loved since 1990. I wouldn’t be surprised if Daryl Morey trades up or down in the draft. I will tell you this, by the time the 14th pick comes around, the 2010 NBA Draft will be completely wide open and everyone will be tossing their mock drafts in the trash can.

Anyways, I believe in Daryl Morey and I don’t think that he will make a bad decision here. Although the Rockets need to make a Yao-Insurance pick here (A Center who can come in and contribute during the yearly Yao early-season, mid-season, late-season or post-season injury), expect the Rockets to draft the best player available by the time this pick comes around. Initially I “drafted” Ed Davis, but I’m convinced that he won’t be the BEST player available. This pick is too unpredictable, but I’m expecting Davis, Patrick Patterson, Paul George, or Al-Farouq Aminu to slide down to this pick.

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